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Submissions Open for CapitalQ Theatre Festival

StageQ is excited to announce that submissions are now being accepted for the inaugural production of our CaptialQ Theatre Festival. The festival is accepting original, one-act plays now through December 15, 2021 through the submissions section of our website.

CaptialQ Theatre Festival is the latest evolution of our perennial favorite, "Queer Shorts." StageQ said farewell to "Queer Shorts" after 14 years back in June of 2019. Originally scheduled to run in spring of 2020 but cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CaptialQ Festival will finally launch in June of 2022.

Intended to be a more sustainable model than "Queer Shorts," the festival will also allow StageQ to focus on new play development and help up-and-coming queer playwrights workshop and edit their plays before being produced in the Festival thereby becoming more than just a collage of short plays, but a program that can encourage and foster growing queer artists.

CaptialQ Theatre Festival will run for a single weekend in June as part of StageQ's Pride Month celebration. For these three days, StageQ will take over both stages at the Bartell Theatre and perform 1-act plays all day long. The Festival also hopes to include theatre masterclasses that are free to the public in areas such as writing, directing, acting, stage managing, and technical theatre. It's an exciting new chapter in StageQ history and the start of a new pride tradition.

Writers looking to submit can go to the submissions section of our website to learn more about the requirements. Questions may be submitted to our Festival co-Chair,

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