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StageQ, Inc. will be holding auditions for the CapitalQ New Play Festival, featuring various new plays from national and local playwrights. Performances will be at The Bartell Theatre, from June 23th to June 25th 2023.


Dates and Times
Auditions will be held April 10th and April 11th at 7 PM at The Bartell Theatre on 113 E Mifflin, Madison, WI 53703.


Due to the variety of scripts, there are roles for all ages, genders, and races for this new play festival. There are also several specific roles for BIPOC, transgender, and nonbinary actors as well. We strongly encourage actors of all experience levels who are interested in performing in new short plays to come try out! For a complete list of available roles, please scroll to the end of the page.


Audition Info
Auditioners may prepare a monologue or perform a monologue provided by StageQ at the audition. After all auditioners have read their monologues, some actors will be asked to stay for immediate callbacks to read selections from the festival plays. Auditions may go as late as 10pm. Please note, this festival and all related roles are non-equity, volunteer only.

COVID Safety
StageQ currently follows the CDC Community Transmission Levels and uses them as a guide for masking. As long as Dane County is in the green/low level, masking will be optional at all auditions and rehearsals. If levels rise to medium or higher, masking will be required by cast and crew. The StageQ Board of Directors will monitor these levels and adjust audience masking requirements as necessary.

Vaccination status will not be a factor in being allowed to audition; however, participation in this production may require you to disclose your vaccination status to the producer and director. StageQ prefers and highly encourages those wishing to participate in productions to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if eligible and able to be vaccinated.

About CapitalQ Festival:
Join us for our annual Pride Month celebration when StageQ takes over both Bartell Theatre stages for one weekend to present brand new play readings, 10-minute shorts, and one-act plays by up-and-coming queer playwrights from around the country. Along with FREE workshops and masterclasses where you can learn about all aspects of theatre, we will celebrate Pride the best way we know how: highlighting new, queer voices telling their stories.

Rehearsal Dates and Location
The specifics of the rehearsal schedule will be determined by each individual production’s director. However, in general, rehearsals will begin May 21st and be held between the hours of 7 PM and 10 PM. Rehearsal location will be First Congregational Church (1609 University Ave, Madison, WI 53726).

Visit for more information or RSVP on our Facebook page.


CapitalQ 2023 Character Breakdown 

Characte Breakdown

Actors: Please either prepare a monologue (memorized or not memorized) or we will provide you a monologue to read from at auditions. 

Lesbian Power Hour

  • Shock of Wheat

    • 2F, teen passing (sexual content prevents from actual teenagers), open race

  • Life on Mars

    • 1M or Butch F, adult, open race

    • 2F, adult, open race

  • New Bedford

    • 2F, 20s, open race

    • 1M, 30s-40s, white


We Are Who We Are

  • Kindred Spirit

    • 2M, mid to late 60s, open race

  • BIO 504

    • 1M, college age, open race

    • 1F, college age, open race

  • Planchette

    • During a nor'easter on the New Hampshire coast, in 1879, two fourteen-year-olds share their secrets about trauma they have survived and the deeper secrets about their sexual orientations and gender identities. The young people use “planchette,” an early prototype of the Ouija board, to communicate the truths that are taboo.

    • 1F, teenager-young adult, open race, feminine gender presentation.

    • 1F, teenager-young adult, open race, masculine gender presentation

    • 1M, 40s, open race, traditionally masculine presenting. 


Family in Many Forms

  • Good Dads

    • While penguin fathers-to-be Jack and George await the hatching of their chick, they worry if they’re ready for what’s to come. In a touching exploration of queer fatherhood, Jack and George reckon with how the past influences the future as they start their new family.

    • 2M, adult, open race

  • Housewarning Party

    • 2M, 40s, open race casting. 

    • 1F, 20s, open race

    • 1M, 20s, open race

  • Transcodicil

    • 1 trans female, 30s, open race

    • 1 trans male, 30s, open race (must be comfortable playing as a visible pregnant person)

    • 1F, 40s-50s, open race

    • 1F, 50s-60s, open race (biologically related to Joe)

  • Queen of the Sky

    • 1M, 60s, open race, performs in drag

    • 1NB, no age specification (implied to be older), open race 

    • 1M, no age specification (implied to be younger), open race. 


Teen Spirit

  • Legacy

    • 1 AFAB NB, teen, Black

    • 1 F, middle aged, black

    • 1 F, early 20s, black

  • The Transgender Terror

    • 1NB Teen, open race

    • 1 Trans female teen, open race


  • The Weird Ellen

    • 2 F high school open race

    • 1 F adult open race

  • Foul Lines

    • 4F Teens, open race

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