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Festival Passes:

Single Show Pass: $15
Two Show Pass: $20
Three Show Pass: $25
Four Show Pass: $30

Join us for our annual Pride Month celebration when StageQ takes over both Bartell Theatre stages for one weekend to present brand new play readings, 10-minute shorts, and one-act plays by up-and-coming queer playwrights from around the country.

A single festival pass will get you access to one of the Showcases: Chances, Family, Whimsy, or Modern Love. Each Showcase presents 3-4 shows. If you wish to see more than one Showcase, please purchase a Two-Show pass or more. Two and Three Show passes are good for any of the four Showcases (you do not have to see two or three in a row).


Along with FREE workshops and masterclasses where you can learn about all aspects of theatre, we will celebrate Pride the best way we know how: highlighting new, queer voices telling their stories.

Following opening night's performances, we will be hosting a Drag Bingo event in the Evjue theater. It should begin around 9:00pm. There will be prizes!  

Festival Passes required for Festival Showcase Performances

Festival Schedule:

Drury Theatre – Friday 06/21 @ 7:30pm AND Sunday 06/23 @ 2pm

Chances:   ​

A Little Bit Vacant:

“Nora runs into her best friend in the sketchiest of places. Will either of them tell the truth about their reason for being there?”

Stars and Stripes:

“Chase and Danny are on diverging paths. One is going to college and the other is joining the Army. They contemplate their next steps in both life and friendship under a starry sky.”

Boy Meets Lesbian:

“What’s a lesbian playwright doing at a conservative theater in Florida? Trying to make a living of course! Controversy ensues when her show is deemed too gay and the best solution is to try and ‘straighten’ it out.”


“Two people, one gregariously awkward, the other a standoffish bookworm, meet on a bus and almost make a connection.”

Evjue Theatre – Friday 06/21 @ 7:30pm AND Sunday 06/23 @ 2pm


Brothers in Arms:

“Two twin brothers must defend the house while parents are away-- little do they know that something may already be inside. In this sweet comedy, watch as brothers learn how to protect what matters most.”

A Blue Hydrangea:

“It's springtime in the Great Gardener Carole's backyard and the flowers are just starting to come into bloom. As a hydrangea bush wakes up from its winter slumber, what has always been a fully pink hydrangea bush suddenly has a head of flowers that is blue. The flowers explore the concepts of identity, acceptance, and vulnerability as they wait in fear of Carole's judgment.”

Which Way to the Beach:

“George and Marjorie come all the way from Minnesota to South Beach to meet the man their son Steve is going to marry. Confusion and hilarity ensues.” 

Drury Theatre – Saturday 06/22 @ 2pm AND 7:30pm


Odd Songs for Odd Birds:

“Emily runs a second-hand store (and Airbnb) out of an old church parsonage on an insular island with an aging population, where nothing ever changes—until an odd new guest arrives and begins asking strange questions about the local folklore. Odd Songs for Odd Birds is a queer fairytale about finding home in unexpected places, including your own skin.”

Thanks for the Mammaries:

“After years of wrestling with the decision, Bailey faces the challenge of having to fire their worst employees -- their boobs. And these breasts, who act like two vaudevillian old men, won't go down without a fight.

Midwest Goodbye:

“At a Supper Club in Northern Wisconsin, Tess finds Mikey passed out drunk at his own bar on a cold January day, and asks him-- and herself-- what keeps them from leaving their small town. "Midwest Goodbye" explores themes of loss and loneliness, rurality, and queer identity.”

Evjue Theatre – Saturday 06/22 @ 2pm AND 7:30pm

Modern Love:


“When two college friends confront the ambiguous intimacy they once shared, what was left unsaid might finally be said.”

No Faces Allowed:

“The night before moving out of his childhood home and across the country to live with his long-term girlfriend, a still closeted Charlie is anxiously anticipating his last ever secret Grindr hook-up. However, as the cellar lights begin to flicker and doorknobs grow slippery, Charlie finds himself caught in a nightmarish limbo with only one way out.”

Subbing for God:

“Religion, sex, and devotion intersect as two women from very different walks of life talk about their similarities and differences. More simply: A nun and a dominatrix meet at the DMV.”

Creases (or the irreversible damage of folding):

“When Ethan shows up at Gary’s doorstep late one night for a photoshoot, the two men spar over Annie Leibowitz. However, as truths come to light and exposure takes on a whole new meaning, they find more common ground than they ever thought possible.”

Workshop Schedule:

Coming Soon!

Our actors take great notes! (Or at least when the camera is on them) Cabaret opens in thr

Apply to share your expertise with the community by teaching a workshop or masterclass. Stipends available.

People are raving about Queer Shorts_ Unity. Only 2 shows left! What are you waiting for__

Apply to direct one of the short plays or play readings! Director positions have a small stipend and are a great way for new directors to practice their new skills


Join us to read through several play submissions and select which plays will appear in the festival this year!

email to sign up




We are interested in plays at all levels of development from playwrights of all levels of experience. What we are looking for is an exciting story surrounding the queer experience that begs to be performed on stage. Our goal is to aid playwrights in presenting the story they are excited to tell on stage, with whatever resources they find valuable. We are especially interested in a myriad of stories about the LGBTQ+ experience and are hoping our festival’s representation accurately represents the diversity in our community.

- We are defining a one-act play as a play between 10 and 40 minutes long that takes place over one act.
- This festival is specifically for playwrights who identify as LGBTQ+. At this time, we are not accepting plays written by allies.



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