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StageQ Looking for Workshop Leaders for CapitalQ Festival

StageQ is now accepting applications from individuals who would like to teach workshops and masterclasses for StageQ's CapitalQ Theatre Festival running June 24-26, 2022. This weekend-long festival in June will be filled with one-act plays submitted from local and national playwrights, along with various theater-focused workshops. This weekend will be a celebration of original queer stories told by up-and-coming queer playwrights. We thank you so much for your interest in being part of this new Pride Month tradition!

For our workshop component of the festival, we are really interested in allowing the community to learn about aspects of new play development and theater in a way that may both demystify the art form and empower them to become involved with the local theater scene. We are seeking Workshop Leaders with experience locally and professionally who can work with people at an introductory level.

Workshop Leaders will be compensated with a stipend for their work.

We are seeking Workshop Leaders for the following workshops:

Introductory Playwriting

New Play Directing

Introduction to Acting and Auditions

Introduction to Backstage and Technical Theater (or) Introduction to Stage Management

Applications will close May 20th.

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