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StageQ Announces Cast for Dog Sees God

Updated: May 13, 2019

MADISON, WI; StageQ is excited to announce the cast of their production of Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead which will open the StageQ season on October 4 and run through October 19 at the Bartell Theatre.

CB - Joshua Biaatch

CB's SISTER - Grace Ritcher

VAN - Jason Nelson

MATT - Rowan Rainford

BEETHOVEN - Tyler Stone

TRICIA - Katie Debs

MARCY - Alyssa Stowe

VAN's SISTER - Sara Wojtak

Producers - Amelia Speight & Alyssa Pon-Franklin

Directors - Jeremiah Gile & Zak Stowe

About Dog Sees God:

A dark and brutally honest twist to the well-known Peanuts comic strip, Dog Sees God centers around CB, a high school bully, who has to put down his beloved beagle after a rabid rampage. In his depression, CB unexpectedly connects with Beethoven, a childhood friend who has become the target of his group’s homophobic bullying. CB thinks he’s found both a relationship and a means to rebel against his predictable doormat persona...but he may have to lose everything to gain peace of mind.

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