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Reviews are in! Cabaret is a hit.

Erin McConnell as the bawdy, menacing Emcee guides the cast of Cabaret to a gut-wrenching and jaw-dropping finale that is not to be missed.

Opening weekend was a smash for StageQ and OUT!Cast's join production of Cabaret. The Bartell's Drury theatre was full with memorized audiences as the raw and edgy cast brought the tawdry and raucous Kit Kat Klub to life. Crowds were left with goosebumps during a final scene many were calling "jaw-dropping."

Local theatre critic, Gwendolyn Rice, had this to say about the show: " Stage Q and OUT!cast Theatre’s stunning production of the classic Kander and Ebb musical, at the Bartell Theatre through March 30th, juxtaposes the sexual freedom in the outrageous nightlife of 1930s Berlin with the creeping totalitarianism of the Nazi regime, hitting both the hedonistic and the horrific truths of the era hard. Directed by Steve Noll and Dana Pellebon, it’s an unflinching look at the cost of living only in the moment." " The production’s final scene is chilling -- the jaw dropping result of Teresa Sarkela’s carefully detailed scenic design, Spencer Christoffel’s innovative sound design and Zak Stowe’s lighting. And while this played as a museum piece a decade ago, it’s impossible not to hear echoes of current anti-immigrant, white nationalist rhetoric in the musical now. Not to mention the images from a rally in Charlottesville and a prom photo Baraboo, Cabaret is now sadly relevant and its message is all the more frightening."

To read Gwen's full review visit her blog here.

To purchase your tickets before they sell out visit click here.

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