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Queer Shorts Cast Announced!

We are excited to announce the cast for StageQ's 14th Annual Queer Shorts! The show will run June 14 - 29, 2019. Tickets on sale now!

Toppers directed by Colleen Murphy, written by Brett Hursey

Bobbie - Molly Schulman

Seth - Michael White

The Thin Blue Line directed by Shannon Harper, written by Maxton Young-Jones

Auntie Climax - Adam DuVall

Announcer - Meaghan Heires

Heckler - Antonia Tomaselli

Man - Nay Myo Win

Cop #1 - James Van Abel

Cop #2 - Nicholas Wagner

The Good Fight directed by Lauren Rusch, written by David Heuer

Alex - Nicholas Wagner

Brian - Jay Edgar

Receptionist - Meaghan Heires

Sketches for Danae directed by Zach Shea, written by Lara Miller

Jane - Miranda Belle

Aubrey - Amy Rowland

Love at the Tropicana directed by Jenny Maahs, written by Ken Levine

Doug - Adam Williams

Barabara - Emma Staudenmaier

Faking Glory directed by Betty Diamond, written by Allie Costa

Marija - Kaia Stofflet

Carlos - Brandon Germany

Closing Arguments directed by Maxton Young-Jones, written by Kaia Kalise

Effie - Mena Williams

Sierra - Braedon Gibson

Drunk #1 - Nay Myo Win

Drunk #2 - James Van Abel

Drunk #3 - Lu Meindens

Aunt Joanne directed by Mark Albright, written by Steven E. Smith

Joanne - Betsy Wood

Zach - Andy Best

Charles - Adam DuVall

172 Pushups directed by Betsy Wood, written by Scott Mullen

Tom - TBD

Quinn - Shauna Jungdahl

Jenny - Ren Kaspar

The Last Minute Suspense directed by Carrie Sweet, written by Edric Johnson

Narrator - Colleen Murphy

Governor Lee Dreyfus - Bryan Royston

Communications Aide - Christine Esche

Right Wing - Steven E. Smith

Left Wing - Fawn Bilgere

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