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Cabaret is "a megaton emotional punch to the gut."

The party’s over when the Nazi loyalists reveal themselves in “Cabaret.”

StageQ and OUT!Cast's production of Cabaret continues to receive rave review from critics. This time the review is from Arron Conklin of Madison Magazine. The recipient of the most praise was our incredible choreographer, Lyn Pilch:

"There are plenty of good performances here, but the real unsung hero is Lyn Pilch’s choreography. Teresa Sarkela’s set helpfully gives her two tiers with which to play, a canvas that lets her go to town without having to worry about turning the stage into a game of human bumper cars. The contortions some of these lithe, acrobatic dancers make are as jaw-dropping as they are sexualized. It’s not surprising to see dancers winded at the end of certain numbers."

To read Aaron's full review click this link.

To purchase your Cabaret tickets before they sell out click here!

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