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A Message from the StageQ President

To the StageQ family,

We all find ourselves in a scary and all too uncertain reality. I, first and foremost, want to pass along my most sincere wishes for everyone's continued health and safety during these times. Above and beyond any show or theatre event, the well-being of our family comes first.

Second, I want to acknowledge the unprecedented ways this virus has effected the theatre community around us. Whether it is our fellow theatre companies--Forward Theater and Children's Theatre of Madison--closing or cancelling shows at the Overture Center; the Overture Center itself closing which includes the cancellation of "Wicked," "My Fair Lady," or "The Play That Goes Wrong" along with so many more shows and programs; the cancellation of countless school productions; or the cancellation of productions by our sister companies at the Bartell Theatre such as KRASS's "The Moors" and "Expecting Isabelle" and more, StageQ extends our hearts, minds, and warmest wishes to everyone as they grapple with hard decisions and how these cancellations will effect their companies. I also want to mention all the amazing theatre professionals and stagehands in the Madison area who find themselves without work during this time. Our hearts are with you as well.

We are counting our blessings that StageQ was in-between productions during the pandemic. That being said, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our CaptalQ Theatre Festival originally scheduled for May. Whether we mount some event or production in its place remains to be seen as the situation in Wisconsin remains fluid, including Governor Ever's "Safer at Home" order. As such, our home, the Bartell Theatre, remains closed until April 24th at the earliest.

In the meantime, we move forward. Even before the pandemic took hold, we have been very busy preparing our upcoming 2020-2021 Season in which we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary. We have several exciting shows lined up with just a few more details still to finalize. I am so excited to share them all with you at the Bartell Season Announcement Party once a new date is selected. Along with the season, we will have several big announcements which have kept myself and the board very busy as we practice our social distancing at home.

I am so excited for our future and all the amazing art we will make together as a community. As we shelter in place and continue to follow CDC guidelines we look to the light at the end of the tunnel and a time when we can gather together again as a community and experience the amazing collective art form of theatre. One thing I am personally taking away from this experience is an increased appreciation for the fact that the mere act of gathering together with other people to experience something in the arts is a true blessing.

Until the day where we can welcome each other again into the theatre, I want to wish you all the best. Take care of yourselves and your families. Stay healthy and take proper precautions. I look forward to seeing all of you back at the theatre in the fall.

Warmest, yet Socially-distanced, regards,

Zak Stowe - StageQ Board President

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