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Announcing Auditions for Dog Sees God

StageQ to hold open auditions May 6th and 7th.

StageQ, Inc. will be holding auditions for Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead by Bert V Royal. Directed by Jeremiah Gile and Zak Stowe, Dog Sees God will be presented on the Drury Stage at The Bartell Theatre, running October 4th through October 19th, 2019. Dates and Times

Auditions will be held Monday and Tuesday, May 6th and 7th at 7pm at the Bartell Theatre on 113 E Mifflin, Madison, WI 53703


CB (Charlie Brown) - male, 16-18, intelligent, introspective, and depressed, questioning everything in his life including the afterlife, his social status, and his sexuality.

CB’S SISTER (Sally) - female, 14-16, strong willed, opinionated, loud. Changes her persona and philosophy on life often.

VAN (Linus) - male, 16-18, cliched pothead, with a worldview to match, constantly pursuing CB’s SISTER.

MATT (Pigpen) - male, 16-18, football jock, pathological germaphobe, sex-obsessed, homophobic, and the school bully. He is also CB’s best friend.

BEETHOVEN (Schroeder) - male, 16-18, quiet, lonely, recluse. School outcast and target of Matt’s homophobic bullying who takes solace in his piano, becomes romantically involved with CB.

TRICIA (Peppermint Patty) - female, 16-18, rude, loud, obnoxious, a party girl who thinks she is both pretty and popular.

MARCY (Marcie) - female, 16-18, equally rude, lout, and obnoxious, another party girl and Tricia’s sidekick

VAN’S SISTER (Lucy) - female, 18-20, sarcastic, frank, no filter, has been institutionalized for arson and assault.

Note: actors must be at least 16 to audition. If you are under 18, please email for an audition permission slip.


Auditions will consist of reading from provided sides from the show either alone or with other auditioners. Actors may bring resumes and headshots, though not required. No prior acting experience required.

Video Auditions

If you are unable to attend auditions in person due to unalterable conflicts please email co-director Jeremiah Gile at for information about submitting a video audition.

About Dog Sees God:

A dark and brutally honest twist to the well-known Peanuts comic strip, Dog Sees God centers around CB, a high school bully, who has to put down his beloved beagle after a rabid rampage. In his depression, CB unexpectedly connects with Beethoven, a childhood friend who has become the target of his group’s homophobic bullying. CB thinks he’s found both a relationship and a means to rebel against his predictable doormat persona...but he may have to lose everything to gain peace of mind.

Rehearsal Dates and Location

First read through will be Sunday, August 25th, with rehearsals starting immediately after. Rehearsal location TBA.

RSVP on our Facebook page.

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