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StageQ Announces the Cast of Taylor Mac's "Hir"

StageQ is excited to announce the cast for our first show back on stage since our pandemic shutdown in March 2020. We were so delighted by the turnout for auditions, especially for the part of Max. The enthusiasm the actors brought was so beautiful to see after being gone for so long. We truly hope to see all who auditioned again for future shows. (psst. auditions for "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" are January 25 & 26)


Isaac – Ari Pollack

Paige – Stephanie Monday

Max – Abigail Hindle

Arnold – Sam White

The Wisconsin Premiere of "Hir" runs February 11 - 26, 2022.

About the show:

The classic, dysfunctional family drama has just crashed through into a whole new place. Meet Paige, a wife and mother liberated from an oppressive and abusive marriage; Arnold, her abusive and authoritarian husband whose recent stroke has left him helpless and at the mercy of his wife; Max, their newly out transgender teen who dreams of Faerie communes and finally stepping into the spotlight; and Isaac, Max’s older brother suffering from PTSD, who discovers a brand new war zone when he comes home from Afghanistan. There really is no place like home.

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