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Auditions Set for "Hir" by Taylor Mac

StageQ, Inc. will be holding auditions for Hir by Taylor Mac. Directed by Michael Rebekah Fleicshman. Hir will be presented on the Drury Stage at The Bartell Theatre, running February 11th through February 26th, 2022.

Dates and Times Auditions will be held Sunday and Tuesday , November 14th and 16th at 6:30pm at the Bartell Theatre on 113 E Mifflin, Madison, WI 53703.

Roles PAIGE CONNOR (She/Her): (50s, Cisgender) Mother to Max and Isacc. Wife to Arnold. Main actions are to entertain, excite (with new information she’s discovered), and tear apart the old regimes.

ARNOLD CONNOR (He/Him): (50s, Cisgender) Father to Isaac and Max. Husband to Paige. Main actions are those of an old dog: eat, sleep, and get comfortable. Arnold was an angry man but has had a stroke, which turned him into more of a clown--rather like a slower and older Harpo Marx. When he feels something, he expresses it, uncensored. In a heartbeat, he can switch from complete joy to complete sorrow and back again.

ISAAC CONNOR (He/Him): (early 20s, Cisgender) Son of Paige and Arnold. Brother to Max. Main actions are to assess the situation, assert himself, convert, and keep things under control. The action is, for Isaac, one long attempt at squashing down a major PTSD explosion. At times he is more successful than others and he uses different, lighter tactics, but ultimately fails. There should be peaks and valleys, but a slow burn is what is ultimately there.

*MAX CONNOR (Ze/Hir): (late teens, Trans/Gender-Queer) Child of Paige and Arnold. Sibling to Isaac. Main actions are to excite (with new information ze’s discovered) ward off attacks, showboat, raise hir status on the family totem pole, and stake hir intellectual territory.

*For the role of Max we are seeking actors who identify as transgender(FTM), non-binary, or gender-queer.

Auditions Actors will be asked to read dialogue from provided sides either alone or with other auditionees.

COVID Safety StageQ and Bartell Theatre policy is that all production staff, crew, and cast meet the CDC’s definition of “fully-vaccinated” by the time rehearsals begin. Those wishing to audition don’t have to provide proof of vaccination status, but if cast, proof must be provided to the producer before the first rehearsal. Those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons or age restrictions will be allowed to participate but are asked to contact the show’s producer ahead of time.

We ask that everyone participating in auditions wear a face mask or covering in the lobby or in the house of the theater. You may remove your mask when you are actively auditioning if you are comfortable (you will be socially distanced from the rest of the team)

About Hir: After a dishonorable discharge from the military, Isaac returns home from Afghanistan, expecting to confront his abusive father, protect his mother and sister, and relax into his old bedroom. His expectations are dashed, as he walks into a different kind of chaos. Father Arnold, having suffered a stroke, has turned into a helpless, childlike creature. Mother Paige, excited by this overthrow of the patriarchy, refuses to clean, and treats Arnold like a baby. And little sister Max, having come out as transgender, has begun to grow a beard. When waning male privilege and PTSD collide with clown makeup, acceptance of gender neutrality, and radical Faerie commune dreams, the result is explosive.

Rehearsal Dates and Location First read through will be in early December, with rehearsals starting after the new year in early January usually Sunday through Thursday from 6:30pm - 10pm. Rehearsals will be a combination of virtual table work over Zoom or at First Congregational Church (1609 University Ave).

Visit for more information or RSVP on our Facebook page.

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