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Member, Festival Committee

Title:   Member, Festival Subcommittee

Prepared Date: June 2021



The mission of StageQ  is to celebrate and advance queer representation through theatre written by and about LGBTQ+ persons. StageQ is a volunteer based organization and Participating Theatre Company (PTC) at The Bartell Theater in Downtown Madison. Service on StageQ’s Festival Subcommittee is on a volunteer basis without pay.  For more information about the organization visit the website


The Festival Subcommittee is responsible for the implementation and oversight of StageQ’s CapitalQ Theatre Festival--a new, annual 1-Act play festival that features both local and national works, theatre workshops, and masterclasses open to the public. The Festival will take place over one weekend during the month of June as a part of StageQ’s Pride Month offerings. The Subcommittee is overseen by the Artistic Committee which works to develop StageQ’s season and artistic offerings for the Board of Directors. Membership on this subcommittee is not term-dependent and is very flexible with the amount of time members can commit to it. Most subcommittee work can be done remotely through Zoom, email, Slack, and StageQ’s Google Suite. 


StageQ’s Artistic Committee will be responsible for the strategic direction of the festival and the general direction of the subcommittee. The subcommittee chair will report directly to the Artistic Committee on progress of the festival.


Specific Committee Actions will include:

  • Oversee and assist StageQ Production Manager with festival staffing

  • Implement and assist the play submission and selection process.

  • Assist StageQ artistic staff with local play development (can include helping with workshopping local works).

  • Oversee and assist with Public Masterclass development and staffing.

  • Develop and approve festival schedules.

  • Oversee and assist StageQ Production Manager with festival marketing, sponsorships, and fundraising.

  • Oversee festival preparations and operations by Festival and StageQ staff.

  • Advocate for StageQ’s Festival in the greater Madison community.

  • Ensure the festival holds to StageQ’s mission and follows StageQ’s EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion)  initiatives.

  • Ensure the festival is committed to uplifting the various voices of our community through outreach and other forms of community engagement.

If you are interested please email committee co-chair, Amber Palmer, with any questions or to being the application process:

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